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  • What does a vocal producer do? What is the process like?
    A vocal producer is the co-pilot that helps you achieve a vocal performance on record that you are proud of. During the session, this includes coaching and encouraging clients through each vocal take, while giving tips about manipulating vowel sounds, being mindful of your source of projection, checking for pronunciation and pitch, and inviting emotion and authenticity to always lead the performance. We then move on to any necessary background vocals, harmonies, etc. When we finish recording, I then take the files home to assemble or "comp" the best of each take into the master lead vocal, which then gets treated with EQ, compression, tuning, reverb, delay and more. Sometimes this includes further vocal manipulation depending on the clients wants. The background vocals are also edited, tuned, aligned and treated to sit nicely in the rough mix. You then have the option to make any notes or changes. Once satisfied and upon payment, I send you two folders of WAV files or "stems". Folder one will be "wet" vocals, or the vocals fully treated with plug-ins and any manipulation, and folder two will be "dry" vocals, or vocals that are tuned but otherwise contain no additional manipulation. Dry vocals are encouraged if you plan to hire a mixer for your song which is always highly recommended. These stems can be dropped into any session or DAW.
  • How long does a session take and when will I get my finished vocal back?
    Vocal recording sessions typically last between 3-8 hours, while the editing process can sometimes take much longer. Often times the editing portion doesn't include the artist, and there will always be opportunities to make notes and/or changes until we achieve a final vocal you're happy with. Plan on one full day of recording and please give me 5-7 days to return an edit.
  • Where do sessions take place?
    Nikki's studio is located in the heart of Hollywood, less than a mile from Hollywood Blvd and Runyon Canyon. Address will be provided upon session confirmation. For an additional hourly rate and depending on availability, Sound Factory studio can also be arranged, complete with vintage equipment and legendary history. Zoom sessions can also be coordinated if you aren't in the LA area, however this requires additional plug in downloads and access to your own DAW (Pro Tools, Logic) to avoid live audio lag while recording. Please only consider if you're familiar with recording yourself.
  • When and how do I pay?
    Half of the agreed upon rate is due upfront, as a deposit to secure the date of the session. The other half is due upon completion of coaching session, or upon completion of editing in order to release your final vocal stems in the case of vocal production. In the rare event that our confirmed date must be rescheduled or cancelled, your deposit can either be returned to you in full, or you can apply it to a rescheduled date. I accept Zelle, Venmo, and direct deposit. Contact for additional details.


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